The Brixton, Johannesburg Church of Christ

About Us.

We understand, from the scriptures, the duty of each believer is to love God and love their neighbour. We strive to follow these commands by individually looking after widows, orphans and those in poverty. The church has a duty, as we find the church in the first century doing, to those who are widows, orphans and poor saints who are members of the church.

Our worship is simple, bible-based and we welcome all who desire to study the word of God.

We are a body of believers who make up the Church of Christ in Brixton (local), being part of the church universal. Jesus promised in Matt 16:18 to build His church and we are part of that church, adhering strictly to the teachings of Christ Jn. 14:21 and the Apostles Acts 2:42.

We seek to have scriptural authority for all we do and say Col 3:17; 2Jn. 1:9. We simply wear the name Christian, striving to honour this name and the death of Christ through living a changed life which begins with our obedience to the Gospel.

We have no earthly head as Christ is the head of the church and no man has the right to this position. Each congregation, as it was in the first century, is autonomous. The only leadership allowed, according to scripture 1Tim 3; Titus 1, are elders.

Our worship follows the pattern laid out in the New Testament: We meet on the first day of the week to sing praise to God, give of our means, partake of the Lord’s supper, offer up prayers to God and study from the bible.

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